• Manuals and Recommendations

    Using USB Flash Drive for installation

    Fedora Core(16) i-Zum Remix live image can be installed to USB Flash Drive so you obtain a complete system to get aquainted with "Music box" software. After that you can install the system to your hard drive directly from the application configurator.

    To crate a boot LiveUSB Flash we recommend using "Live USB Creator" software for Windows systems.

    Important!!! When choosing .iso file in Live USB Creator make sure there are no non-latin characters in the file path. You can load .iso file to C:/Install folder

    Download Live USB Creator
  • "Music box" Software

    Jukebox manipulation with buttons or touchscreen.

    Double display mode (display + TV).

    Music videos and karaoke replay.

    Embedded audio and video files database explorer.

    Demo mode when no music is ordered.

    Animated GIF files replay for commercial ads.

    Using USB GSM/GPRS/3G modems, Ethetnet or WiFi for collecting jukebox performance statistics.Read more...

    Software interface translation to any language.

  • "Music box" application interface

    • Main display
      Red palette
    • Main display
      Blue palette
    • Main display
      Green palette

    • Configurator display
    • Embedded file explorer display
    • Sound card settings display
  • Download - test - install

    • Bootable ISO image for CD or USB Flash Drive write.

      Bootable image is intended for CD or USB Flash Drive write. When you boot from the obtained CD or USB Flash Drive you get a full working version of "music box" application. You can now fully test the software as well as your hardware compatibility.

      If you want to install the system and the application to your hard drive a special command in application configurator is triggered. This command will automatically create a boot CD for you.
      Загрузить Fedora(16) i-Zum Remix

    • 21.09.2013 / Version 8.0.8

      Starting from build 8.0.8 and higher: odd last number stands for test app build, even last number stands for stable app build.

      Added: an option to set the time for enforced jukebox power-off. Bill acceptor and coin acceptor are turned off, too along with the option to order music (if the total time of ordered songs in a playlist exceeds the set time of the power-off).

      Added: an option to set the time for enforced system shut down for preventative reboot.

      Added: automatic mic on/off for karaoke playback

      Added: The amount of bills that were accepted can be saved into statistics file.

      Fixed: the algorithm of saving statistics to controller memory is totally reworked. New places to save data on disc have been introduced.

      Fixed: application reboot during karaoke playback on some video cards.

      Fixed: all microphone channels management in application configurator.

      Download version 8.0.8 (~ 2 Mb)
  • Universal USB controller

    The universal USB controller is useful for coordination of external handlers and bill acceptors with "music box" application. Capabilities of the USB controller:

    • Connecting L.E.D. and incandescent lights (including those installed into buttons) (up to 8)
    • Connecting control buttons (up to 8)
    • Connecting hoppers and presenters
    • Connecting coin receivers with pulse interface with change release function
    • Connecting bill receivers with pulse and serial interface (TTL levels)
    • Connecting remote control sensor (allows using any remote control of RC-5 or RC-6 standard)
    • Connecting and controlling fasteners
    • Every USB controller holds its own unique serial number
    • Using embedded memory for critical data storage (FRAM memory is used with unlimited write cycles).

    USB controller has so named ports for bill and coin acceptors connection. Bill and coin acceptors work with a pulse protocol. 4 ports are used for a pulse protocol bill acceptor connection:

    +12 V;
    Ground (power)
    Credit relay (N.O.)
    Credit relay (common)

    Bill and coin acceptors are charged from the USB controller itself, meaning that you can control these devices directly from the application.
    The USB controller itself is charged from the computer power unit. The charging socket is the same as IDE hard drive or CDROM sockets.

  • Ukraine,
    Zaporizhzhia, ul. Muzikalnaya, 12.
    Phone number:+38 061 214 01 76
    E-mail: info@i-zum.com
    Representatives in Russian Federation
    Stavropol region
    Alex Gubanov

How to burn a disc in Windows 7

Updating the application.

If you want to use InfraRecorder application

Download and install InfraRecorder from http://infrarecorder.org.

If you want to use ISO Recorder V2

Download and install ISO Recorder from http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/isorecorder.htm.

If you want to use Nero Burning ROM 5

If you want to use Nero Express 6

Admin functions

Basic principles of working with configurator.
1.Files and folders organizing.
2.Statistic data of jukebox performance.
2.1. "Short" statistics reset.
2.2. "Long" statistics reset.
2.3. Prepaid orders reset.
3.Order value setup.
3.1. Music videos and karaoke order value setup.
4. Managing media database content.
4.1. Adding files to database.
4.2. Deleting files from database.
5.Jukebox demonstration mode.
5.Bonus orders.
6.Updating the application.
7.Adding commercial banners.
8. Music videos and karaoke playback.
8.1. Video playback on the main screen.
8.2. Video playback on additional sceen.
9. Bill and coin acceptors protocol setup.
10.Using touch screen in jukeboxes.
11.Managing jukeboxes remotely via GPRS/3G/EDGE USB modems.

Download full manual (.PDF)